Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting coupons

I would just like to let you, my dear readers know, that I have found coupon nirvana. The free paper in West Bend offers coupons on Friday mornings, that I knew. But often times someone comes through and takes all the coupons and leaves the papers. Seriously, are they too lazy to take the whole thing? Anyways, I have a serious beef the the JournalSential, as they don't carry all the coupons and have serious bias in their paper, which often leads me to wonder when my cheap subscription will end. (Not soon enough!) Anyways, this leads to my revelation, the West Bend Daily News! No surprise they offer more coupons (than the Journal) in their Saturday edition. Big deal, well actually yes. First off, the coupons only cost you 50 cents and secondly, they just revealed that they keep back copies with coupons in them for a (and I quote) "ridiculously long time" at the main branch in West Bend. So, if there is some deal that snuck up and you just seem to misplace your coupons, I encourage you to go and get them for the same 50 cents that they originally cost! Awesome!!!

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